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    ind At The Flavors of India restaurant, every meal is a delicious and creative experience. Our ovens will captivate your attention and take you to a world of traditional Northeast Indian cuisine. The aromas of authentic Indian herbs and spices infused with Latin, Caribbean, and American flare will greet you as you enter our establishment. These herbs and spices have been known to have numerous health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and being natural antioxidants, and so they increase vitality in addition to enhancing flavor. At Flavors of India restaurant, we cater to all different palates, whether you have spicy, medium or mild inclinations. You begin your adventure by constructing your very own flavorful, Indian inspired fusion meal with your choice of only our finest ingredients. We believe in farm raised and natural food products, which are environmentally friendly. Our food is always fresh, never frozen, and preservative-free. Our hot clay ovens, more formally known as a “tandoor”, is the traditional oven that has been utilized for thousands of years in India. The origin of the tandoor can be traced to royal families of the early 14th century, who used the tandoor to create succulent and aromatic delicacies. The heat of the tandoor is generated by charcoal fire or wood fire, which burns within the tandoor. The oven can reach temperatures of 480°C (900°F) and exposes the food to radiant heat cooking, and hot-air convection cooking like only an open flame can. The tandoor has been the oven of choice for the fine Indian culinary arts in Northern India and has been a long-standing symbol of creative, flavorful and gourmet Indian food. The tandoor is a timeless token of the passionate process behind Indian cuisine, and we wish to share this passion at Flavors of India with you.

Having a Party? Why not let us cater!

  • We at Flavors of India Specialize in catering. We can cater for a party of any size. Flavors of India is your best option for all parties business or personal. We will take care of all dining needs in your party. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the best Indian food in town, served at your party at the time of your choice.

  • Buffet Hours are 10:00am - 2:30pm

    Ala Carte Served 10:00am-10:00pm

  • We can cater per person or Buffet Style.

    For Catering Inquires call 775-323-4100