Tandoori Bread

There are many variations

Plain Naan 2.55

Traditional Punjabi style teardrop-shaped white bread baked on the side of our tandoori ovens

Garlic Naan 2.99

Indian style garlic bread, baked on the sides of our tandoori oven

Peshawari Naan (Sweet) 3.95

Unleavened bread stuffed with nuts, cherry, coconut and golden raisin

Paneer Naan 3.95

Naan bread stuffed with homemade cheese

Special Naan 2.99

Naan made with fresh Ginger, Garlic, Spanish and Indian spices

Cheese Naan 2.99

Nan bread stuffed with a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella cheese

Cheese and Garlic Naan 3.99

Fresh garlic, ginger stuffed with homemade cheese

Chili Naan 2.99

Plain Naan with Indian spices

Keema Naan 3.99

Delicious unleavened bread baked with four layers of batter – containing minced meat

Roti .99

Whole wheat bread cooked in a clay oven

Chicken Naan 3.99

Naan bread stuffed with chicken

Aloo Paratha Bread 2.99

Pratha Bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes

Aloo kulcha 2.99

Multi layered whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potato mixture

Onion Naan 2.99

Freshly chopped onion mixed with spices, baked with fresh dough

Puri .99

Deep fried puffed light bread

Bhature .99

Puffed fried bread

Lachedaar Pratha 2.55

Pratha bread

Cauliflower Pratha 2.99

Pratha bread stuffed with cauliflower and Indian spices