Tandoori Special

There are many variations

Chicken Tikka 12.95

Mildly spiced cubes of chicken breast meat with garlic and ginger

Lamb Tikka 12.95

Marinated sliced lamb grilled

Tandoori Chicken 13.99

Bone-in chicken marinated in lemon pepper, ginger and garlic

Seekh Kebab 13.95

Minced lamb meat seasoned with spices and cooked on skewers

Tandoori King Shrimp 13.95

Jumbo shrimp marinated, then cooked over charcoal

Fish Tikka 13.95

Fish marinated, then cooked over charcoal

Paneer Tikka 11.95

Homemade Indian cheese cooked on skewers with lemon and spices

Tandoori Mix Grill 14.95

Assorted platter of the above choices

Butter Naan 2.99

Traditional punjabi style teardrop-shaped, layered butter naan